Fighting A Menace In Skin Tags December 6, 2015

Skin-TagsWe all know that skin tags can afflict anyone. While they may be more partial to babies, those who are overweight and the elderly, the fact of the matter is that anyone can have a skin tag. I can have a skin tag, you can have a skin tag. Anyone. A single person could have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. These little flappy bits of skin like to grow in the folds of skin; your neck, armpit and groin are all hot spots for them. You may even find yourself with a skin tag in the crease of your eyelid. But they are there. You have to be careful if you find that you have these tags. If they grow on your neck you may inadvertently rip them off when brushing your hair. If they grow in your armpits or groin area you may accidentally shave them off.

They can also get caught on jewelry and other pieces of clothing. There are several ways to get rid of skin tags and there’s no confirmation that one method is better than the others. You can use liquid nitrogen- based products, there are herbal creams and oils, you can thread them and you can cut them off. There are crazy ways to remove them like using nail polish or duct tape, but your comfort level depends on you, personally. You do not have to go to the doctor to get them removed. It’s really only necessary to see a doctor if you have the skin tag in a sensitive area like near your eyes or on your groin. You don’t want to try and remove the tag yourself only to inflict more damage. If your tags are larger or shaped strangely, you may also want to see a doctor. That may be an indication that it is not in fact a skin tag and may be another condition.

If you feel they are skin tags and want to remove them immediately, the best way to do that is to cut them off. Herbal creams, threading, liquid nitrogen-based products all take time. Some of them can take up to a month before the skintag will actually fall off. They may sound like they are immediate but the only option that is would be cutting them. You should not bleed a lot if you cut them off. While they are skin, there should not be any large blood vessels in the tag itself. It’s like cutting off a cuticle; the skin itself should be detached from blood. While skin tags are mostly long and skinny there are some that are stout and round. This may change your perception on the best way to deal with them.

When cutting off a skin tag it is best to go directly to the base and cut from there. The long skinny ones are easy to do that too. The round and stout ones may seem a bit harder and thicker. Again, it depends on your personal threshold and how comfortable you are with doing things like this. There should be very little pain associated with cutting a skin tag of any width off. If it hurts a lot, you just cut too close to the fresh skin.

As you can see, cutting off skin tags is very easy and simple. You can use items you already have in your home such as nail scissors to do the job. Once you cut the tag off you may need a bandage to protect the exposed skin from dirt and infection. It shouldn’t scar as long as you leave it alone. Nice and simple!

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